Hound Dog Pizza

One cool thing about Hound Dog Pizza is the fish tank! It reaches all the way through the wall so you can see it from the pizza place side *and* the bar side.

This design would look good on a t shirt. Apparently there used to be some, but no more are available.

Molly's yard

Probably the main reason I went to Columbus was to visit Molly. Here are some pictures I took in her yard...

This cat is named 'poof'. He's a stray that's kind of working his way in to being a house cat.

Molly's mom Nancy has a lot of beautiful flowers growing around the place.

and then there's RHEAS! It's amazing here isn't it?

Deer Creek Lake

*yawn* *stretch* another lovely waking-up shot. If you look close you can see the moon still up in the sky.

I like mornings...

Uh oh a DAM! yet again, good thing no police viewed me taking pictures, as everyone knows what a coup it would be to blow up the DEER CREEK LAKE DAM!

and here's the lake above the dam...

I love wildlife! They make such great TARGETS!

Big Darby Creek is a nice rest spot...

Molly herself

Molly hooked me up! Not only did she make me a care package of a lot of yummy food and burn CDs of all the pictures I had taken up til that point so as to prevent me from having to delete pictures, stop taking them, or just plain up and buy more picture cards, she's just all around cool, not to mention drop dead Gorgeous. In fact, she *insisted* I made sure to photograph her after she realized I had no pics of Bill madincleveland. I also took a couple shots of Nancy, but Nancy said she didn't want them to turn up on the internet, so I went so far as to not even leave them up on the server. I still have 'em on CD though ;) So Nancy, if you ever read this and change your mind and want to turn up on the internet after all, just let me know :*


I like dark, but the flash lends her more visibility.

Lovely in glasses.

Molly likes this angle better. It's taken from an angle *above* straight on. I like it ok, but it hides her cute cheeks.

This is my favorite Molly shot of them all..

Now Molly, if you ever read this and want me to take these DOWN, just let me know and I will.

one more Columbus

After I left Molly's I was kind of depressed for the rest of my Columbus stay. I didn't feel particulary inspired, but I did take one picture. See I was biking up Godown Rd, and thought that was almost a funny enough name to take a pic of, but then....I found THIS INTERSECTION and I HAD to snap this shot: