east of Cleveland

Sometimes you've got to wonder about people who name hotels...

I like taking pictures of ominous, looming objects, like this nuclear power plant! Fortunately, I did not get descended upon by police like the time I took the pictures of all the hundreds of high tension wires leading away from the hydro plant at Niagara Falls! Too bad you will never see them. They had me delete them, since they couldn't figure out how.


Even though I thought Buffalo had better architecture then Cleveland, I felt I should take a few snaps anyway.

I do really like the way the city as a whole looks though!

Some industry still does hang on here...Have you ever used a 'Cleveland Vibrator'? I personally haven't had the pleasure.

one final shot. Westside market?

Now I *should* have taken pictures of Bill madincleveland but sometimes I get weirded out about taking peoples' pictures...

south of Cleveland

On the way to Columbus I stayed at a farm owned by Dennis. He raises beef cows! Here is a possessed one. Note the multitude of flies (Beelzebub) and that certain unmistakable glow in the eyes...