Same as it ever was...the pictures below are thumbnails leading to larger versions.

I spared you the sucky pictures. There are a fair amount of those this time. That's why it's important to take way more pictures than you think you have to.

For a long time I didn't really feel like taking any pictures. Then the situation of Wooden Thomas having trouble with his camera came up and it seemed like it would make a funny picture..shot from the hip not aimed or anything. Then I found out the guy in the middle is from the band 'Railroad Jerk' so hey, guess I met someone kind of famous last night. You never know just who you might meet at R U B U L A D...

She had this phosphorescent paint thing going on. You stand up against it and a bright light goes on, and off, and when you step away...YOUR SHADOW IS STILL THERE!!!! aahahahahhaaa ieeeeeeee! It was HOLY SHIT COOL! It didn't lend itself too well to photographing though. She was wearing a great outfit with CDS all over it. Her hat and the magnetic tape she has all hanging off her make for really ultracool shadows too.

nice tat!

she looks good from the front too...

This thing is a pedal-powered quadri-cycle with some kind of gossamer fabric over top to make it look like a lady bug. One game people kept playing was get in the bug mobile and try to run people over. Kept you on your toes, it time someone tried to chase me through into a doorway and ended up not fitting through. oops!

There was a lot of interesting art there. This overhead projector was pointed at a large brick wall. So up on the giant New York brick wall were silhouettes of various items floatng around in a glass pan of water. This also did not lend itself well to being photographed. Some things are better off seen in person. This setup met its untimely demise later in the night under the wheels of the ladybug mobile! During the night the steering had gotten fucked up and some asshole was pushing a couple trapped inside a bit TOO fast, and they could not steer so naturally they kept crashing into things. It was literally demolished..smashed into little pieces. OOPS! It's not a party until somebody's art gets demolished! Fortunately I jumped out of the way in the nick of time and avoided being demolished myself.

I wasn't feeling eneregtic, as if my body knew I was going to be up til the next afternoon and was conserving. So I was having a laid-back, subdued, reptilian kind of good time, strolling around taking pictures of people.

Somebody asked me on the phone if it was a drum and bass party. Well it wasn't then. The drum&bass came a highly surreal moment. A beautiful Asian chick on the stage (where anyone was welcome to go btw) who was hula hooping in a huge 5 or 6' diameter hula hoop for like 20 minutes straight beside a giant dancing yellow chicken. Not only that, 7 or 8 other hula hoopers were all going at it simultaneously in glittery hula hoops in front of the stage. Who needs LSD when you got this? A bleachers of auditorium style seats faced the dance floor & stage, so I sat with a fully amused grin watching the surreal scene unfold before me. When I finally did get up to snatch some photos for posterity, I decided to not use the flash in order to catch the movement. I would have taken flash pictures, but then suddenly Asian girl's hula hoop crapped out and she left.

Then this other smokin hot girl gets up and starts neck hula hooping. She had the neck thing down pat, but she couldn't seem to keep it going on her hips. Anyway here's a couple pics of her:

Here we have a fellow reptile sitting basking in the glow of the hula hoopers. A quite regal reptile at that. The best way to take her picture was by complete surprise.

Once there was good dancing music going on, people started dancing. I ended up putting the camera away. Eventually I went out to get some coffee to get me through the night. Then the cops came to kick everybody out of the back yard so I came in and I danced like MAD! I didn't get out of breath like I used to before I moved out of that dusty dirty old warehouse where I used to live. It's beautiful how my lungs started working again, my immune system grew back, my allergies disappeared, and I can do things like run a medium distance, climb a flight of stairs or dance like there's no tomorrow without getting winded. I got cut short after like an hour though cause they started hustling everyone out the door at dawn. Cop thing I guess. Wooden Thomas was trying to take pictures of these 2 lovely intoxicated women but his camera was fucking up again so I whipped out mine and snapped a couple snaps.

Somebody who looked remarkably like Jay (of Jay and Silent Bob) was there and he wanted a poster size printout of these 2 ladies. I said I'd have to get a large format printer for the occasion. I don't have any way to contact him anyway. I was kind of removed from everything the whole time, like I was just there to observe. I've been feeling like that a lot in my life.

There are some more pictures coming from the day after the party. I'll post them later. Nice way to kill 5 hours before the nibs place opened at 10. Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges at dawn, WTC 'ground zero', Battery Park, and more.

the day after