Niagara Falls

It took about a day to get from Rochester to Niagara Falls. I camped in a vacant area to the east and met a family of raccoons in the night. The next day I made my way to Niagara Falls. Here are some people seeking the source of the deep dank roaring which surrounds and permeates this place:

yeeeeeeee there's the edge!

I took this one facing *away* from the falls, from half way across the bridge into Canada:

Only on the Canada side can you see the entire "Horseshoe Falls" which is the main event here.

Also on the Canadian side you can actually walk through a tunnel up underneath the falls!


If you don't mind getting wet, you can stand right next to where the falls, um, fall!


The Anchor Bar: Home of the *original* Buffalo Wings. I recommend the 'suicide wings', but the ordinary "medium" were quite good with blue cheese dressing added.

Buffalo surprised me by having lots of interesting architecture.

These look like the exact same model trams as in Amsterdam (the Dutch one that is).

To the south of downtown begins what I call the "rust belt district".


Some sculptor had made a series of Frogs posing as various historical figures. The first one I saw was actually posing as a statue, not a human. But it was my favorite, and I took a picture.

Nice undergrowth by the Lake Erie lakeside...

It looks like the ocean, but it doesn't smell like it.