Every building in Amsterdam has a HOOK on it. Note the hooks on these picturesque edifices. I think it's a building code here that every building must have a hook! They are used for moving. I have seen it happen. Furniture, big bags full of belongings, etc, up and down by hook and through the windows!

This plant was nice to look at while getting stoned at a bar.

Amsterdam is bristling with PENISES! Sure they are there to keep people from driving onto pedestrain walkways and what not, but JUST LOOK AT THEM!

Look! They're EVERYWHERE!!!

'cock-blocking' the cars...

Of course they are all dwarfed by this monstrous penile sculpture: meet the National Monument!

I'm curious who decreed that the Nat'l Monument in Dam Square shall have no head. I'm not trying to offend anyone or anything, but doesn't that just make it look like a butt-plug? I mean, just supposing you had to symbolize your country with a penis shaped object of some kind, wouldn't you rather a real PENIS in preference to a butt plug?? Still and all, there are plenty of people here 'voguing' just like at Piccadilly Circus.