Finally at long last I cross over into the Netherlands where I am greeted by more WINDMILLS. yes they have them in France too and also in Belgium but I didn't take any pictures there.

Nederland is more like the vision of life in the 2000's that I had as a kid than what we are living in the States.

All along I had been paranoid of running out of space on my camera cards, especially when it became obvious we weren't going to find any place to live and set up anytime soon. But after a couple days in Amsterdam I broke down and took some more pictures. Here is some girls's head as viewed underneath a sculpture of a lion. She has no idea she is being photographed.

This is the palace on Dam Square. There's something very familiar about it, as if I had seen it in many pictures before, even though I haven't.

There's no shortage of cool buildings in A-dam.

...and no shortage of canals either. They made me wish I had a boat to cruise around town in. They often take a beautiful picture as well.

These guys in the boat were making one hell of a racket, so I had to take their picture...

Here a bike hangs precariously over a canal...

Another obligatory tourist 'building shot': Centraal Station. Easily one of my favorite buildings in town.