Some random photos until I find another theme...Here's that 'dam hotel' I kept seeing out the window when I stayed at the Kabul hostel:


SICKMAN bus! Looks like he barfed orange out the window all down the side of the bus doesn't it? I don't know whether I'd like to sit near or far from the toilet on this bus...

Church bells on an apartment building? What song do they play, I wonder. If you guessed the theme from 'The Odd Couple', you just may be right! Actually I couldn't tell you, since I didn't stick around to find out. But that would be a hell of a song to hear played on church bells, wouldn't it?

Before I realized it's not considered quite kosher to take pictures inside a coffeeshop, I snapped this one of a coffeeshop menu! It's a bit blurry, but still readable.

In the south suburbs I spied some swans! A mated pair with a clutch of 'ugly ducklings' in tow.