Wasn't there a band called 'Van Gelder' once? Now, here's the hotel!

Meet my magical fantastic 10 euro bike! I wonder who is riding it today, and whether they found a new rack for it yet...

The subways and trolleys her are called the 'sneltram'. Kind of like Snail tram right? har de har har! Actually, funny thing is that 'snel' means "fast".

durr here's a cop car! I would say, note the fluorescent hotpink-orange and blue, but the color doesn't come out too well on photos; it just looks orange.

This church plays 'Flight of the Valkyries' on its bells! Meet the 'Oude Kirk'.

Right near the Oude Kirk is this interesting sculpture, embedded into the cobblestones. I watched an american tourist spit on it just before I took the picture. I guess it must have offended his "family values"? Maybe someday he'll go on a good old-fashioned killing spree. That would be a lot more 'all-american' after all.

Last but not least, as I was leaving Nederland on a long bus ride, I spied this gorgeous magnitude of hotness waiting for her friend to come pick her up at the bus stop in Den Haag, or was it Rotterdam...? well whatever it was of course I *never saw her ever ever again* just like so many others.